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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MinecraftAI?

The Minecraft AI Assistant is a tool built to provide answers to any questions you might have about the video game Minecraft. It is intended to be able to answer a wide range of possible questions about Minecraft, from basic getting started questions to much more advanced questions about obscure game mechanics and late-game content. It can even suggest ideas for what you should build next!

Who built MinecraftAI?

The Minecraft AI Assistant is built and maintained by Clevertar Pty Ltd. Clevertar is an AI software company operating in Adelaide, South Australia. For more information about Clevertar and the work that we do, visit https://www.clevertar.com

Who is Clevertar?

Clevertar is an award-winning Australian company that helps businesses solve everyday problems using artificial intelligence. We design, build, and operate effective solutions by leveraging the power of cutting-edge natural language AI, specialising in large language models, natural language processing, semantic search, conversational agents, virtual humans, and speech AI.

How does MinecraftAI work?

Minecraft AI Assistant leverages emerging Large Language Model and Natural Language Processing technologies to deliver simple English answers to complex questions based on a specific set of source data. Our goal is to go beyond the capabilities of a standard search engine, and provide a direct and easy-to-understand answer to the question you have asked, in the language that you have asked it in.

What sort of questions can the tool answer?

The Minecraft AI Assistant can answer any questions you might have about Minecraft. It will perform best when handling well-structured sentences ending in a question mark. Answers for your Minecraft questions are sourced from the Minecraft Fandom wiki and the IGN Minecraft guide. Minecraft is updated frequently, and source indexes are currently only refreshed intermittently, so answers provided by the tool may not reflect recent changes in the game.

Is the Minecraft AI Assistant built by Mojang?

The Minecraft AI Assistant is independently developed, and is not in any way affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft.

How can I get in touch?

If you would like to provide feedback, or tell us about an unusual answer you’ve encountered, we’d love to hear from you! You can submit your feedback using the feedback widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page, or reach out to support@clevertar.com.